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Frequently Asked Questions

 **See our Seller’s Information document for more detailed/complete information 


How do I become a seller at Fairy and Fireflies? 

Please visit us at click on the registration button, fill out the registration form, and you will receive an email confirmation with remaining details. 


Do I need a seller number for my items?

You will need to visit our website @, submit the registration. 

We will then email a confirmation e-mail that will assign you a seller number that will identify you to our store. 


How many total items can I consign? How many clothing items?

At this time the number of total items per consignor is 100. Maximum number will be 200 items per seller with a 5.00 handling fee after the 1st 100 items. Clothing items in sizes Newborn through 9 Months will be limited to 25 per seller. (Shoes and accessories do count toward this number.)  


Do I need to tag or price my items?

No, that’s the easy part, we do all the work for you! That is what seperates us from a traditional consignment sale. You just bring in your clothing items and we will hang, tag, price and sell your clothes for you. 


Do I have to re-tag my items if I transfer them from a different sale? 

No, You can leave old consignment sale tags on your clothes. We will highlight your price and add our store seller number to the back of your tag. 


How long will my items be on the sales floor? Will they ever be discounted?

All clothes will be on the sale floor for 4 weeks from the day you drop them off. After the 3rd week they will be discounted by 25%. On the 4th week your items will be removed from the floor. You must pick up your items on or before the 4 week date, or they will be donated. 


 I need to drop off my items in two trips, is that okay?

 Yes that is fine, although you may have to wait for another available drop off time. You may contact us at to confirm. 


What are the drop off and pick-up times?

Item drop off and pick up are by appointment only! When you register to sell with us, you will be asked to choose a drop off time from an available list. We will be expecting you to drop off all of your items during that time. When you drop off your items you will be given a pick up date and time. Your unsold items will need to be picked up on or before this date or they will be donated. If you do not have any unsold items, we will contact you before the pick up date. 


What percentage for my items I am receiving?

All items will be 40% to sellers and 60% to Fairy and Fireflies. 


When can I expect to receive my check? 

You should receive your check in the mail within 1-2 weeks from your pick up date. Please note that there will be a $25 fee if we need to issue a replacement check for any reason. Please make sure your mailing address is correct when registering. The fee will be subtracted from your reissued check.


Can I bring my stroller and child(ren) into Fairy and Fireflies? 

Of Course, Since we are moms ourselves, we understand if you need to bring your children with you to shop. You may bring your children to the store but please keep them attended. We are inside a vendor shared space and you will be responsible for any broken or damaged items.


If your question is not addressed here, please read the seller information or contact us at


Thank you all, we are so excited to have you as a part of our growing family!!!!

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