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Fairy & Fireflies Seller Agreement


  1. All items should be dropped off and picked up by appointment only. Picking up unsold items on our before your scheduled date is imperative. Unclaimed items will be donated. No monetary reimbursement will occur for this donation. Fairy & Fireflies will not store unsold items.

  2. At this time we are accepting seasonally appropriate children’s clothing, shoes, and pre-approved baby accessories. 

  3. Items will be tagged, priced, and hung by the Fairy & Fireflies team. Pricing is our discretion and we will be doing everything in our power to get you the very best price for your clothing.

  4. Seller’s clothing/shoes will be sold at full price for the first three weeks of your contracted time, and on the 4th week your clothes will be sold at a discount of 25% off. You do have the option to pick up your items before the 4th week if you prefer to avoid the discount opportunity. (All pick ups must be scheduled through

  5. At this time the number of total items per consignor is 100. Maximum number will be 200 items per seller with a 5.00 handling fee after the 1st 100 items. Clothing items in sizes Newborn through 9 Months will be limited to 50 per seller per 100 items. (Shoes and accessories do count toward this number.)

  6. Sellers will receive 40% of their total sales. Fairy & Fireflies will receive 60%. 

  7. The sales team has the right to refuse any item at check-in and to remove any item from the sales floor at their discretion. Out of season, stain or damage clothing or shoes will not be sold. 

  8. We appreciate our staff and volunteers and their hard work and dedication to the store. Any use of foul language or aggressive confrontation directed toward anyone may result in your removal from any future sales.

  9. All items should be in season and in good condition. We do not accept “freebies” or promotional items. 

  10. Fairy & Fireflies will be held harmless from any liability should any items be lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise altered by shoppers. No monetary reimbursement will occur. Nevertheless, every effort will be made to prevent damages and misplaced items.

  11. Seller checks will be issued within 1-2 weeks after your pick-up date. Checks will be mailed to the address provided at registration. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that this information is accurate. Any inaccuracies could delay receipt of payment.

  12. Please note that there will be a $25 fee if you misplace your check and it needs to be reissued (this is what the bank charges us to reissue a check). Please also note that our bank will not honor checks that have been signed over to someone else. If you do this, it will be returned, and you will be charged $25 to reissue the check. The fee will be subtracted from your reissued check.


The Fairy & Fireflies team would like to thank you for consigning with us! 

We hope your experience will exceed your expectations and 

that you will partner with us again in the future.

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